supporting teens today


an unfamiliar time

The last few months have felt especially unsettling. With many teens learning virtually and socializing with friends from a distance, we can't help but recognize the unique challenges of daily life.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to think creatively about how to foster relationships in new ways. We invite you to come along as we connect with our circle,

even from away.

strike a balance

One of the challenges in this time is helping the teens we’re close to connect meaningfully with others, especially offline.

We invite you to download this free guide which shares ways for us all to find a bit more balance during this time (and after!).


upcoming workshops

Come along! We're jazzed to share that we have two free virtual workshops (and more in the works!).

Open to all teens, these offerings will be an invitation to pause, center, connect, and create.

Curious? Come along!

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