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frequently asked questions. 


What is valo looking for in youth?

We look for youth who are open to new experiences and people, inspired to connect with others and themselves, and eager to be creative and experiment in a small group setting.


What is the makeup of a valo group?

Each group includes 10 -12 youth, guided by two adult guides. We look to balance teens from different grades, schools, and interests; we look to honor autonomy and embrace diversity.


What is the cost?

Our retreat programs are free for all youth.


Valo works cooperatively with schools so that program costs fit within their budget.


How do you get to and from retreats? And where are they held?

Guides arrange meeting places that are convenient for your family, or pick up teens at home if transportation if needed. From there, guides drive everyone to the retreat sites. 

Retreats take place in private homes, and campgrounds, that valo rents throughout Maine.

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