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The Valo Experience

On our transformational retreats, we create a space where teens from a cross-section of communities come together. They connect meaningfully with each other and tend to their emotional wellbeing.

Time at Valo means:

  • unplugging from devices

  • connecting in real conversations

  • playing epic games (sardines to spoons)

  • sharing meals

  • walking in nature

  • seeing and being seen

  • cultivating lasting friendships

When they move beyond Valo, teens carry what they have learned and go on to impact their communities beyond Valo.

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The Valo Approach

Valo teens become emotionally resilient adults ready to meet a changing world.


They develop lifelong skills to:

  • communicate with authenticity

  • listen with compassion

  • act with intention


How? During our weekend retreats,

school programs, and conference workshops, Valo's experienced guides foster:


  • connection to self and others

  • empathy and understanding

  • a sense of belonging and mattering

our programs

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