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Resilient. Emotionally aware. Creative. Vulnerable. Kind. It’s how we want to be and what we strive to model. This feels especially important in our current culture which breeds distraction and disconnection.

Since 2013, we at valo have been guiding monthly retreats throughout Maine to help teens find their voice and do something with it. We have discovered that developing a practice of self-exploration keeps young people open, curious, and hopeful.

We use group conversation, time to ourselves, journaling, creating and living in community to foster meaningful relationships with ourselves and one another. Valo teens tell us that they feel new confidence in their ideas, greater comfort in sharing them and an increased capacity to listen. They feel a sense of belonging. Their relationships are stronger. They know themselves better. And they feel a readiness to contribute to the larger world.

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from away.

Earlier this month, we gathered outside at Wolfe's Neck Center for some connecting winter fun. 


Together we kept warm by the fire, explored the beauty of the Maine woods, and shared what vulnerability looks and feels like to each of us.


After we got home and warmed up, we hopped on Zoom to dive into creating friendship knots!


Our time on retreat left us energized and hopeful that we can somehow continue to be together (safely) in the months ahead.

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