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come along and create!

This month, valo teens gathered to craft valentine’s letters for elders. We were amazed by the creativity and care they put into each note–including poems, intricate artwork, and more!

Today we invite you to join us in sending a note to someone in your community who might be seeking connection–and would appreciate a sweet surprise in their day! No need to get fancy with it…grab what you have on hand. Maybe use the extra pen at the bottom of your bag and a recycled piece of cardstock! If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can break out the watercolors or pastels–whatever you decide to create with will be wonderful!

You can draft a few sentences wishing them well, share an inspiring quote or poem, or even send a simple doodle! You can sign your name at the bottom, or leave it anonymous. It’s up to you!

Once you’re done, feel free to drop your note off at our office (121 Main Street in Yarmouth) or mail it to P.O. Box 222 in Freeport (zip code 04032!). If you’d like, you can snap a pic before dropping it off and tag us using @valomaine. We’d love to see

what you’ve created!

We’ll be collecting notes until March 31st. From there, we’ll bring them to a local assisted living home, sending ripples of good cheer out into the community. Come along!


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