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introducing: valo at home

We're big fans of personal connection. If you've ever joined us on retreat, stopped by our office, or gathered for an evening event we’ve hosted, we imagine you've been greeted with a hug, and were held close within our circle.

Like everyone, we’ve adjusted our normal ways of being during this time--but that hasn't stopped us from continuing to seek ways to connect within our community, and beyond. In fact, in many ways, this feels like an ideal time to put our best practices into place.

To spread our word and our work, on Monday, April 27, 2020 we'll be launching valo at home, a three-week adventure.

Each evening on social media (and through this blog) we'll share an idea that invites you to connect, create, or center. You can dive in that night or the next day.

While spending time apart, we've found ways to be together in spirit and heart. We've also been inspired to form new rhythms that allow us to take time for ourselves. Many believe that 21 days is the time it takes to form a habit—but we reap the benefits long after (and there's our inspiration for this three-week adventure).

During valo at home, we hope to plant small seeds and help you carve out a practice of taking time for yourself. We'll be using what we've learned in our program as a guide--and you'll have everything you need on hand, at home.

If we've piqued your curiosity, please sign up here to receive daily emails with fresh ideas, or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook for your daily dose of valo.

Come along? We sure hope so!

Be well, friends.

If you come along and post a photo and tag @valomaine on Instagram or Facebook, we'll enter you in a raffle to win a prize--like a gift card from our friends at Rosemont Market & Bakery or a year-long subscription from the good folks at Taproot Magazine.

Ready to dive in?

Each evening of valo at home, we'll be sharing an email with the next day's spark of valo inspiration. Simply click here to share your email, and we'll make sure you're looped in!

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