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raise their voices

We love listening to our teens and they've got us can we help to empower them in this time?

Youth voices can shine a light on the future–igniting hope as they ask questions, raise awareness, and dare to dream for a better tomorrow.

Are you hoping to empower the youth in your life? Dive in with us for some inspiration...


This April, MYAN is hosting their very first virtual youth leadership conference! It will be a hands-on experience and an opportunity for Maine youth to connect, learn, and collaborate. Click here for more information and registration.

Valo teens are honored to be hosting two workshops at this year's New England Youth Identity Summit. Join them, along with students and educators from across New England (and beyond!) for a virtual conference designed to spark meaningful conversations about identity, diversity, and community. Keynote presentations and student-led workshops will be guided by this year's theme: Youth Voice. Youth Power. Registration details will be posted here soon. Hope to see you there!


Since 2004, The Telling Room has been nurturing the voices and publishing the work of some of today’s most talented and inspiring young poets and writers. Organized into three sections mirroring the transitional stages from childhood into adulthood, A New Land packages thirty groundbreaking poems from The Telling Room’s first fifteen years. Check it out here.

As the youngest inaugural poet in United States’ history, Amanda Gorman earned glowing reviews. And she’s not the only young Black poet crafting language to explore powerful themes, including identity, civil rights and complicated emotions. Click here to listen to 4 others.


In her 2017 TED Talk, Rachel Peterson shares a challenge to include youth voices in decision-making at all levels of society. Thought-provoking indeed. Curious? Click here to watch.


Today we invite you to pause and consider the ways you can listen to, and empower, the youth in your life...

How can we best support them? How can we help to elevate their ideas? How can we lift their voices?

Have an idea? We’re all ears! Let us know at


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