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valo at home day fifteen: create - patch it

While we limit our trips to the store (and many of us keep an eye on spending), we’ve been drawn to some of the creative ways we can repurpose, reuse, redecorate and reassign what’s already in our home.

Our friends at Taproot Magazine have inspired us. They recently shared a simple (and fun!) way to patch your favorite pair of pants that might be showing a bit of wear and tear.

Curious? Today we invite you to join us as we dive into a tutorial from the Taproot Journal (another great resource for creative activities that can be done at home).

Quilty Knee-patches

  • Materials:

- Scraps of fabric

- Thread

- Needle

- Straight pins (not needed but helpful!)

Step1: Find a pair of pants that look like they'd enjoy a bit of interest.

Step 2: Using a piece of scrap fabric (like a thick cotton t-shirt, or denim) cut out a patch that will be the backdrop of your quilty knee-patch.

Step 3: Cut 2-5 additional smaller pieces using varying colors or fabric scraps. These will be layered on your larger piece.

Step 4: Begin by sewing the large scrap to your pants.

Step 5: Next, sew the smaller pieces of fabric on top of the original patch. Trim the excess fabric from the edge of your knee-patch.

Step 6: Continue layering pieces of fabric, on your knee-patch until you are satisfied. Afterward, you can make it a buddy (for the other knee), of course!

When you’ve finished up, snap a pic and share it with us using @valomaine! We can't wait to see what you've created.

If you come along and post a photo and tag @valomaine on Instagram or Facebook, we'll enter you in a raffle to win a prize--like a gift card from our friends at Rosemont Market & Bakery or a year-long subscription from the good folks at Taproot Magazine.

Ready to dive in?

Each evening of valo at home, we'll be sharing an email with the next day's spark of valo inspiration. Simply click here to share your email, and we'll make sure you're looped in! You can also forward this post to a friend and invite them to come along. The more the merrier.


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