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The Valo Model
Wellbeing through Conversation

We guide small group conversations with the intention of fostering meaningful connection and transformational understanding. Empowered and with a renewed sense of wellbeing, individuals go on to impact their communities in real ways for the good.

While the delivery of Valo may look different in each setting, our model remains consistent. There are four major components of our work which include:

Culture: Our Ways of Being

  • Connected, open, curious, vulnerable

  • Engaged and unplugged

  • Playful, warm, inclusive, hopeful

  • Attention to openings and closings, a space to pause

Conversations: A Time to Focus on Emotional Wellbeing

  • Centered in confidentiality, trust, and curiosity

  • A focus on sharing and listening versus finding a solution

  • Cultivating awareness of others and self

  • Opportunities to come to understand differences

  • Quiet and calm, open to possibilities

Creating: Light, Playful, Letting Go - Another Chance to Connect

  • Sharing meals - cooking, baking, tasting

  • Art - painting, block printing, leather making

  • Time outside - frisbee, cold water dips, soccer, yoga, walks

  • Play - board games, hide and seek, spoons

Centering - an Opportunity to Reflect

  • Journaling

  • Meditating

  • Quiet moments alone

  • Time in nature

Tools to Take Away:

  • A pathway toward emotional wellness and resilience

  • Ways to identify, process, and openly share feelings

  • A practice of active listening by asking questions and engaging with intention

  • Empathy and a capacity to understand different perspectives

  • Confidence to speak one's truth

  • Skills to cultivate connection and build community

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