workshop: weaving with found materials

when: November 11th at 3pm ET

where: ZOOM (meeting ID: 858 6527 1178)

cost: free!

what: In this workshop, equinox guide Natasha, with a couple of valo teens by her side, will lead us into an adventure of weaving with found materials.

Open to all teens, this virtual workshop will last about an hour and offer you a chance to connect, create, and center. We sure hope you'll come along!

suggested materials: 

  • cardboard of any size (the larger the size, the larger the weaving–a strong piece or two pieces glued together for sturdiness)

  • fiber of some sort such as yarn/string/hemp/rope/paper/wire/magazines/fabric/plastic bags–the sky's the limit!

  • scissors or X-acto blade

  • ruler/measuring tool

  • pencil/marker/pen

  • glue (optional)

  • fork or wide tooth comb (optional)

  • dowels or knitting needle (optional)

  • tapestry needle (optional)

  • organic material such as twigs, driftwood, cornhusks, (optional)


workshop: songwriting for all

when: November 11th at 7pm ET

where: ZOOM (meeting ID: 815 3083 3815)

cost: free!

what: Ripple guide Henry, partnering with one of valo's many talented musicians, will delve into the art of songwriting with participants. No experience or musical talent necessary! Together, we will explore the gratifying process of creating a tune from beginning to end.

Open to all teens, this virtual workshop will let people's creative juices run as we connect, create, and center. Sing along!

postponed: impact of social media on development

when: TBD!

where: casco bay high school

cost: free!

whatThe final of four presentations in partnership with local schools, where we explore teen years from a place of hope. Join us as we host educational therapist, Cristina Post, EdM who explains the impact of social media on adolescent brain development and learning. You won't want to miss this!

Teens, parents, educators and community members are invited to join us for this compelling evening. Cristina will carve out a good portion of time at the end for Q&A. We hope to see you there (no worries if you missed the first two!). Come along!

121 Main Street
Yarmouth, ME 04096
(207) 865-1665

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