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Community Partner Programs

We collaborate with high schools, nonprofits, colleges and universities throughout Maine to engage their youth in our impactful initiatives.


Our custom programs create a space for youth to gain an increased sense of belonging and connection within their current group.


We empower young people to sustain these connections and continue the conversations to support emotional wellbeing within their existing communities. 


"Valo redefined team building for our program. It was an introspective experience that allowed our youth to comfortably explore themselves in a way that most had never experienced. We brought what we learned from Valo and applied it throughout the year and in our everyday lives. I highly recommend this program as an alternative to traditional team-building activities."

- Valo Community Partner

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Maine Resiliency Center

Valo partnered with the Maine Resiliency Center to run a five-week conversation series for teens and young adults impacted by the mass violence event that took place in Lewiston on October 25th, 2023.


We were very grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Center and connect with a cross-section of young people through this generative program. We look forward to continued programming in the Lewiston community.

"We are so grateful that Valo agreed to be a part of our high school boys' and girls' programs this past fall; their positive impact cannot be overstated! We define success in many ways, but primarily by teens' growth in their roles as teammates. In order to be great teammates, they need to be the best versions of themselves. Valo helped our teens immensely in that and, in turn, in their ability to be positive teammates. As stated in the programming, "Young people connect with each other and tend to their emotional well-being through deep conversations..."  Valo modeled facilitating deep conversations with our leaders and helped us develop support groups  that were supportive, reflective, and effective. We are so grateful for Valo's guidance and help; they were a vital part of a very successful year!"

-  Valo Community Partner  

Athletic Programs

We had the chance to hold overnight programs for various athletic teams during the 2023-2024 season. We dove into deep conversations, cooked meals, and explored the power of vulnerability and the impact of connection in our lives.


The teams walked away with a deeper sense of connection to each other, stronger bonds, and the tools to continue having deep conversations throughout the season.


Program Fees

All community partner programs are tailored to the specific requests of the partner. We’ll work with you and your budget to create an impactful program that adds value to your organization and youth. Fees vary based on the duration and type of program. Let’s start the conversation today!

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