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The Weekend Program

The weekend program offers a chance to step away, get honest about how we’re really feeling and be embraced by a supportive circle of teens.

During Valo's transformational programs, small groups of young people (grades 10th - 12th) from diverse backgrounds unplug from technology, and spend time away from the challenges of the world to practice connecting with themselves and one another. The time to reflect and share allows them the space to process academic stress, social dynamics, common anxieties, and emotions.

Youth in the weekend program commit to going away for four full weekends over the course of the academic year to focus on their emotional wellbeing.

Come along!


Program Fee

The fee for the weekend program for the academic year includes:

  • Two experienced guides to mentor your teen throughout the weekend

  • A chance to build communication, empathy, and listening skills in a close-knit community 

  • Unforgettable memories with a group of supportive peers and guides

  • Lodging for 2 nights for 4 weekend programs a year

  • All meals and snacks while on a Valo program

Fee: $1,500

Fees are due at the beginning of the program year. If your child has been accepted into a Valo program, we pledge to eliminate financial barriers to their participation in the program. A fee reduction request will be available after being accepted into the program.

Ready to dive in?

To learn more about joining our weekend retreat program, or to begin the application process, click below.

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