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Valo Voices

Valo youth and alumni define our four core values in their own words:


Curiosity: "Valo has an emphasis on asking questions, but it’s not just to get to know others. It’s about exploring who we are and helping others do the same in a judgment-free space."


Connection: "The relationships that I have made during Valo have guided and harbored me as I have grown up, not just as a person, but also with relationships I form outside of Valo."


Vulnerability: "Valo is a place where vulnerability is not only accepted but encouraged. It is a place where I can cry and not be worried about being viewed as 'too emotional.' It is a space where people can really feel to the fullest."


Openness: "Valo is a place where you can be yourself and not be worried about not being accepted into the group and having your story heard. Valo is a place where you are not just valued as a person, but it’s also a place where you are able to grow."

“Being able to identify your emotions and address them at a deeper level is an amazing skill to have and is a skill I will carry with me forever.”
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