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Valo guides young people to cultivate emotional wellbeing

Youth are struggling - social media, the pandemic, and our disconnected society have all played a role.

Join us in taking a proactive approach to supporting the mental health of young people through conversation.

ignite your spark.

feed the fire.

spread light.


Valo Programs

Conversations for Emotional Wellbeing

Our programs create a space where small groups of teens connect in real ways with each other through conversations.

We offer multiple program models:

  • weekend

  • full-day

  • weekly sessions


Valo empowers young people to build social connections and hone tools to serve their emotional wellbeing. Openness, curiosity, vulnerability, and building connection through conversation are at the core of our work. In Valo programs, young people practice empathy, self-reflection, active listening, and thoughtful communication all while unplugged from technology. 

We remain committed to lasting impact, and every program includes the opportunity for follow-up. Valo youth learn to create community and connect authentically wherever they go.

Embers is our podcast. Young people interview change-makers, big thinkers, and inspiring thought leaders.


Join us as we explore timely and compelling topics—fanning the embers burning in each of us.

Tune in here.


Valo Conversation Prompts 

We’re sharing Valo prompts to encourage you to start a conversation with a teen or loved one.

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