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Valo guides teens to cultivate emotional wellbeing.

ignite your spark.

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The Valo Experience

Valo guides teens to cultivate emotional wellbeing.


In our programs, we create a space where teens from a cross-section of communities come together. In conversations, young people connect meaningfully with each other and tend to their emotional wellbeing.


The Valo experience includes unplugging from technology, connecting in person with peers, sharing meals, spending time alone, walking outside, and playing games.


When the young people leave, they carry what they have learned and go on to impact their communities beyond Valo.

Valo in your life.

Valo aims to be a hub of inspiration for teens and adults. We spread the word through our podcast, embers, and blog, kindling. 


Looking to connect? Sign up for our monthly email, stovepipe, and follow us on social media @valomaine.


Embers is our podcast. A hub of inspiration for both teens and adults. Embers is a place where our teens share their stories as they navigate the waters between childhood and adulthood. We realize they've got a lot to teach us—what they hope for sounds good to us, too.


Join us as our teens explore timely and compelling topics—fanning the embers burning in each of us.

Tune in here.

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Kindling is our blog. Our virtual hotbed of curiosity. We know youth with open minds and open hearts love to connect, create and center. We aim to share stories and questions that emerge from our laboratory full of learnings and we're curious what they spark in you.

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