our circle.


Dana Anderson

Executive Director

Twilight Guide

"I hold the image of valo teens emerging into the world with a deep-rooted desire to engage meaningfully with whoever they meet — igniting sparks in their communities, one connection at a time."


Meg O'Neill

Program Director

Twilight Guide

"Working with young people has filled me up in wonderful and unexpected ways allowing me to see the world with fresh eyes, to listen more acutely, to love more fully, and to laugh more heartily."   

Meeghan McLain


Outreach Director

Equinox Guide

"To guide alongside our valo teens is to be reminded that there is much to be hopeful about in our world."


Katie Casper

Development & Media Director

Tides Guide

"Teens bring a fresh perspective to the world. Their opinions, thoughts,  voices, and ideas keep me energized, connected, and hopeful."


Natasha Huber

Equinox Guide

"Working with teens has helped me gain perspective. It has made me realize that there is a sweet spot between adolescence and adulthood where caring adults can capitalize on creating experiences with very meaningful, positive influences."


Chris Kelleher

Ripple Guide

"I appreciate the opportunity to grow alongside the teens and to partner with them to cultivate the space where we can collectively push our edges and hold and support each other in our vulnerability."


Henry Oliva

Ripple Guide

"I enjoy working with teens because I believe that there is no greater need today than helping to equip young people with the tools to create healthy and sustainable communities."