valo celebrates inclusivity.

valo's inclusivity statement

The valo circle is open to every race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, and background.

We at valo believe in the value of being in a state of constant learning. Valo’s beliefs and actions are aligned to cultivate true inclusivity. From our valo circle (including teens, alumni, staff, board, families, community partners) to all facets of programming, we work to bring people together, so that the valo community reflects the diverse composition of America. 


This commitment inspires us to be a presence in a wide array of communities, examine our own assumptions, and re-design programs based upon group growth, experiences, and observations. We are committed to cultivating trust, open-heartedly learning about and accepting one another, celebrating difference, and finding common ground. It takes time and dedication to do; we recognize that all of this can be hard work, and that it is important and engaging.  We are committed to taking the necessary steps to make it happen.  By engaging in this work, we can ignite our sparks of inclusivity and feed the fires of a more connected world.

valo stands with

Black Lives Matter

Valo stands in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We support Black Lives Matter and denounce racism and white supremacy in all forms. Explicit and implicit discrimination has no place in our community or any other.

where we're headed

At valo, we have been working to cast a broader net and to make certain that teens of all races have access to our program. We are more committed than ever to this work. As an organization whose staff and teens are primarily white, we commit to educating ourselves about systemic racism in deeper ways and weaving the principles of anti-racism into every aspect of our workplace and our program. We are listening and know we can do better.

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