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Valo creates spaces where teens can get away from it all, feel independent, unplug, and have fun. A place of belonging for youth to have deep conversations and feel empowered as they ignite a future with hope.


This experience is free to all teens who participate. We currently have a limited number of openings.


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frequently asked questions


What is the time commitment?

Youth commit to attend weekend retreats once every month for a year. Retreats begin after school on Friday and wrap up mid-afternoon on Sunday. Valo recognizes that a youth may miss part or all of a retreat for other commitments, but the expectation is they attend most.

We hope that youth stay involved and attend retreats through their time in high school, but the minimum commitment is one year.


How do you get to and from retreats?

Guides arrange meeting places that are convenient for your family, or pick up teens at home if transportation if needed.

From there, guides drive everyone to the retreat sites. 


Where are retreats held?

Retreats take place in private homes, and camp grounds, that valo rents in southern and midcoast Maine.