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following in their footsteps

As youth across our country ignite the Black Lives Matter protests, we are inspired. We are listening to their voices and recognize the opportunity this moment in time offers us as individuals, communities, and a country. It’s in that spirit that we choose to focus this blog post on our seniors, as they candidly share their impressions of these past few months and eagerly turn toward their (bright!) futures.

On senior year.

On the pandemic.

On Black Lives Matter.

On what they want us to know about their generation.

On what they want from adults.

On following our teens.

It’s fitting that this class of 2020 has exceptional vision. They are passionate and not afraid to speak their minds. We are grateful for the unapologetic way they live and lead. We can’t wait to follow in their footsteps as we all work to make this world a better place—for everyone. Onward, seniors! We’re right behind you.


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