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teens tell all

On teens voices.

At valo, we believe whole-heartedly that the way we learn about each other is by listening to each other. This is especially true with our teens. Hearing their perspectives on mental health helps us understand how we can support their emotional well-being. We are grateful for the wisdom they bravely shared in a recent episode of our podcast, embers. As we try to support teens in this unprecedented time and beyond, we find their voices and insights especially helpful.

On understanding mental health struggles.

On the stigma of showing their struggles.

On adults supporting teens.

On teens supporting each other.

On perfection.

On hope.

With much hope, we sign off, believing the more we can listen authentically and embrace teens as their whole and perfectly imperfect selves, the healthier and happier they will be. And we know that when teens in communities are well, the whole system thrives.


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