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a glimpse into our youth advisory council

We're energized to announce that valo has formed a youth advisory council! Made up of a cross-section of teens in our monthly retreat groups, these youth meet weekly to plan events, provide feedback and ideas to leadership, and drive valo's strategic initiatives. We're incredibly grateful for the time and energy these young people are sharing to help make valo the best it can be. This month, we wanted to give them a special shout-out and share why they are involved! Read on to learn a bit more about their reasons for coming along...

“I’m involved in valo’s youth council, because valo welcomed me with open arms into a space that allowed me to discover the importance of my emotional wellbeing. I hope I can help others find a safe space like valo.” - Lerman

“I’m on valo’s youth advisory council, because I believe in the spark of valo, and I want to help sprinkle that spark out into the world. I’m in valo because I see the value in how connection and deep conversation can be a catalyst for inspiring change.” - Macy

“When I was a host team member for The New England Youth Summit, I remember a girl in a workshop I led saying that for the first time in a long time she felt heard. That touched me, and I want to carry that idea into the leadership at valo and continue that goal of giving people a place to be heard.” - Dorcas

“I’m a part of youth council to connect with other teens and help think of ways we can make spaces for other teens to come together.” - Leila


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