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a charge...emerge

As vaccines continue to roll out, buds burst into leaves, and Mainers begin to exchange jackets for lighter layers–many of us are eager to once again gather with friends for an evening meal, hug loved ones, or hit the road for adventures away from home.

The last year has been many things...unfamiliar, challenging, centering, beautiful, scary, and more.

As we emerge in various ways from the pandemic, we charge you to join us as we go out into the world and spark meaningful conversations.

Maybe you call up a friend and ask, "What did you learn from 2020? And what do you hope to take with you into the future?" or perhaps you strike up a conversation with a coworker about what they hope to leave behind from the last year.

No matter whom you dive into conversation with, we bet that you'll leave feeling reflective and connected.

Curious? Join us this month in having at least one conversation about what we're taking (and leaving!) from our pandemic experience.

We dare ya!


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