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beyond question

even better than the smell of your turkey roasting

In addition to freshly baked pies and turkey trots, Thanksgiving gives us a chance to sit down and talk with family and friends we may not see very often. And when it’s time to say goodbye, don’t you love leaving the holiday filled with more than turkey and stuffing? Real moments of connection stay with us long after we’ve cleared the table.

Reflecting on time at the holidays got us thinking about what exactly makes many of our conversations stimulating and memorable. The questions we choose to ask one another are key. Our advice? Invite people to venture below the surface.

try giving one of these a try

  • What makes you happy these days?

  • What has been hard for you in recent months?

  • What is part of your life you understand to be true that wasn’t true a year ago?

  • Who do you feel especially connected to recently?

  • What part of your job (or school) is filling you up (in a good way!)?

  • What relationship with a family member feels off?

  • What’s your favorite memory from Thanksgiving?

be here now

Aside Aside from a good question, we have three suggestions, which can help us to be present and connected before we even ask the question. Curious? Try to:

1. put your phone out of sight (like literally tucked away).

make eye contact.

2. enter the conversation with curiosity and without assumptions.

3. Whether you are talking with an aunt you’ve known your whole life, or a new guest at the Thanksgiving table, consider this time as a chance to get to know someone on a new and deeper level.

The flip side of deep conversations? Inevitably, they’ll make the goodbyes a little harder, but the reunions  that much sweeter. We wish you and your family a restful Thanksgiving with plenty of time together for filling up and spilling over. Go ahead, we dare you.


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