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Black Lives Matter quilt

Valo teens are in the midst of crafting a Black Lives Matter quilt. Each square will highlight the name of an individual who has lost their life to racially motivated violence. Although we cannot gather as a big group to create in person, we would love it if you, our larger circle, would craft a square (or two!) too.

Curious? Come along! Here's how...

1. Choose a name. To keep track of who's working on what, we've shared a list of 25 individuals here. Before you get started, please take a look and put your name and contact info next to the person who you would like to honor in creating a quilt square. If you're unfamiliar with the name you have chosen, we encourage you to research them. Who were they? What or whom did they love? What was their story? You can include pieces of that person's life in your creation.

2. Gather your materials. We're making each square 12in x 12in. So grab some fabric of your choice (an old sheet works great too!) and cut your square. If you like sewing, pick up your needle and thread, but if you don't fancy yourself a seamstress–that's okay too! Paint, markers, or glue and fabric are all great mediums for decorating your square.

3. Decide how you might want to represent the person you are honoring on your quilt square. After you write his or her name, maybe draw an image or share a quote.

4. Create! We've included a few images below if you're looking for a bit of inspiration!

Photo and quilt by Sondra Hassan

5. Once you're finished with your quilt square, drop it off or mail it to us at: valo, 121 Main Street, 2nd floor, Yarmouth, Maine 04096. We'll take it from there by sewing it together with the other squares. And then the best part, we plan to put up the finished quilt in storefronts and homes throughout our communities. We'd love to receive all squares no later than August 15, 2020.

Thanks so much for joining us in our inaugural craftivism venture. The beauty of this project will reflect the warm hearts diving into this work across our community and the world.


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