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valo at home day seventeen: connect - digital sunset

How do you feel about your relationship with your phone? Do you feel like you’re in control? What draws you to pick it up? What sparks you to put it down? How do you think it impacts your relationship with those around you? Your relationship with creating? Your relationship with sleep? Your relationship with yourself?

Today we invite you to join us in a little exercise—a digital sunset. The idea? Tuck your phone away for a full 12 hours, beginning around sunset. Perhaps you stash it in a drawer, or in a basket, or in the glove box of your car from 7 pm to 7 am. Maybe you can invite your family or housemates to join you...

Instead of scrolling, perhaps you gather together for a meal--or break out a board game, or the guitar, or pen & paper, or just sit together and catch-up.

The next morning, as you finish up your digital sunset, check-in with yourself before turning your phone back on. Do you feel a difference? Perhaps the answer will inspire you to build this practice into your daily life. Why not give it a try? This might be a sunset worth returning to.

If you come along and post a photo and tag @valomaine on Instagram or Facebook, we'll enter you in a raffle to win a prize--like a gift card from our friends at Rosemont Market & Bakery or a year-long subscription from the good folks at Taproot Magazine. Ready to dive in? Each evening of valo at home, we'll be sharing an email with the next day's spark of valo inspiration. Simply click here to share your email, and we'll make sure you're looped in! You can also forward this post to a friend and invite them to come along. The more the merrier.


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